The benefits of a healthy, complete nutrition are unquestionable. However, research shows that the majority of people can lack five essential nutrients: Iron, Iodine, Omega 3, Vitamin B12, L-Carnitine.


Natural Boost

VeSmart is designed explicitly as a natural boost for people wanting healthy, balanced and complete nutrition. Get the healthy lifestyle you want with our high-potency, easily-absorbed vegan supplements.



VeSmart stems from one of the most celebrated of orthomolecular scientists. Dr. Naim’s 30 years’ in clinical-based research spans the UN, the Swiss Society for Longevity, and the European Society for Anti-Aging Medicine.



Orthomolecular medicine adopts a cell-based approach to tackling deficiencies. Rather than treating the symptoms, it targets the cause using exclusively natural remedies to delay ageing, boost health and promote healing.

VeSmart brings you amazing benefits

VeSmart Vegan supplements vitamin B12

B12 Sublingual Spray

Reduce mental and physical

fatigue with potent

Vitamin B12.

VeSmart Vegan supplements L Carnitine

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Adding fuel to your mitochondrial fire,

burning fat and sugar and

getting back more energy.

VeSmart Vegan supplements Iodine


Control your weight and

balance your mood for

optimal thyroid function.


VeSmart Iron Supplement Liquid Form


Avoid anaemia and Chronic

Fatigue Syndrome with

high-potency Iron.

VeSmart Vegan supplements Omega 3

Omega 3

Keep the brain and heart healthy with our vegan supplement.

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High-Potency Easily Absorbed Vegan Supplements

Easily Absorbed Vegan Supplements

Dr Naim designed each product for maximum potency with complementary ingredients boosting bioavailability.

Superior Ingredients from Natural Sources

Superior Ingredients
from Natural Sources

VeSmart is ethically-minded with an absolute commitment to quality, deriving our nutrients from natural sources for a minimal environmental impact.


Rooted in
Medical Science

Dr. Naim used his three decades’ experience in Orthomolecular and Integrative Medicine to formulate targeted vegan supplements.



The VeSmart KIT includes the five essential nutrients you need to achieve a complete nutritional profile; saving time and settling concerns.


Swiss Formulas
by Dr Jean-Pierre Naim


Produced in GMP-approved
Facilities in Italy

VeSmart KIT with Vegan Supplements

The VeSmart Kit

The Kit: Five Essential Vegan Supplements
The VeSmart Kit is grounded in thirty years of Orthomolecular Medicine. It delivers the five essential nutrients people wanting a healthy diet need – especially vegans and vegetarians – with scientifically-formulated supplements that to enhance your healthy lifestyle.
Ultimate Convenience
Thanks to a simple subscription, you have a convenient, cost-effective way for one full month of balanced nutrition. Elevate your healthy existence today with the only package designed specifically for you.
VeSmart KIT with Vegan Supplements

Maria Alexandru

“Ever since I started using VeSmart, I’ve felt livelier, my energy levels are up; all without the hassle of trying different supplements in the hope of striking a balance. A solution that covers all my needs – finally!”

Viorela Dragos

“My mind is clearer. I’m able to think from first thing in the morning ‘til the last thing at night. Plus, I don’t have to worry about actually buying the supplements – the subscription means I always have the exact ones I need.”

Kit Subscription Plans

1 Month Subscription
109 €
  • Includes
  • -18%

  • Also includes
  • ✓ Free VeSmart Gift

3 Month Subscription
299 €
  • Includes
  • -25%

  • Also includes
  • ✓ Free VeSmart Gift
  • ✓ Webinar with Dr. Naim

12 Month Subscription
999 €
  • Includes
  • -38%

  • Also includes
  • ✓ Free VeSmart Gift
  • ✓ Webinar with Dr. Naim
  • ✓ 20% discount for a visit at Dr. Naim’s Clinic

*As compared to the sum of individual products.

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