Return Policy – www.vesmart.eu


After buying from vesmart.eu, you have the right to return any purchased product within 15 calendar days of receipt of the package. We do not apply any penalties, but you will have to pay the Return Transport Cost.

Under OUG 34/2014, food and cosmetics products susceptible to deterioration or rapid expiration are exempt from the right of withdrawal. Notwithstanding, SC SWISS LONGEVITY LABORATORIES SRL allows the return of products within 15 calendar days after a pre-notification via one of two methods:

Email: contact@vesmart.eu.

Phone: +40 371 102 783

VeSmart cannot accept unsealed products for return.


  • The return is made following notification of the intent to return, given in writing or verbal form:
  • The return must happen within 15 calendar days of receipt of the order by sending the unopened products to the following address: SC Swiss Longevity Laboratories SRL, Str. Locotenent Aviator Vasile Fuica nr.26, Bucuresti.
  • The returns package must include all the documents originally received, as well as a written address signed by the person who executed and paid for the order which notifies the denunciation of the contract and requests the return of the amount paid, indicating the account and bank to which all money must be refunded.
  • The amount paid will be reimbursed in full within 14 calendar days of receipt of the returns package and denunciation letter.
  • Refunds are only made to the account as indicated by the customer – VeSmart cannot issue cash refunds.
  • The customer must cover all transport fees.

Packages Returned Without Pre-notification

If a package shipped by VeSmart is not accepted by the recipient for any reason and is subsequently returned without prior notice by telephone or email, VeSmart reserves the right not to accept the returned packages.

Products for which return is not accepted

  • Disbanded products;
  • Products with damaged packaging or evidence of use.


None of our Subscriptions is set for automatic renewal, this meaning that at the end of the subscription period the subscription terminates itself by default. We will prompt you before this happens so you can renew your option and continue receiving VeSmart KITs.

You can cancel a Subscription any time after you have bought it.
We don’t refund any fraction of the amount paid when placing the order for the Subscription.
After cancelling your subscription, you will receive all the KITs left in the plan that have not been delivered to you yet (if you opted like this). However, if you prefer, you can opt not to receive the KITs left.

To cancel a subscription, please follow the procedure:

  1. Send an email at contact@vesmart.eu, with the subject [Subscription Cancellation], specifying the date of your initial order and the user name you used on vesmart.eu.
  2. Wait for our confirmation. A VeSmart oOperator will get in touch and ask you to confirm your option.
  3. Receive the remaining KITs.

After this last step is completed, the cancellation process is considered finished and the subscription terminated.


For any referral or complaint, you can contact VeSmart on 0371 102 783 or by email at contact@vesmart.eu. 

Any conflict arising between SC SWISS LONGEVITY LABORATORIES SRL and its clients will be resolved by amicable agreement as far as reasonably possible.

SWISS LONGEVITY LABORATORIES SRL will endeavor to refund the customer the amounts received for returned products within a maximum of 14 calendar days from the date of contract termination.

If an amicable reconciliation is not possible, the relevant Romanian legal provisions will apply with the resolution of the conflict at the Romanian court’s discretion.