Privacy & Personal Data Confidentiality Policy – www.vesmart.eu


This policy sets out the VESMART.EU policy on:

  1. Processing (including the collection, storage, use, disclosure and transfer) of personal data of Customers and Members;
  2. Requirements for obtaining consent from the data subjects;
  3. How personal data should be processed (as defined below), setting out additional requirements for the processing of special categories of personal data (e.g. sensitive data, also defined below).

GDPR 2018 – Processing of Personal Data – EU Regulation 679 of 2016


What is personal data?

Personal data includes any information that directly or indirectly identifies a person, for example, their name, email or other contact information, function, psychometric test results or managerial information. It can also include data that is more difficult to assign to a person, such as ID, IP, or an online identifier (username, nickname, etc.).

What are “special categories of data?

“Special categories of data” are personal data relating to any of the following types of data: racial and ethnic origin; political views; religious, philosophical or similar beliefs; trade union membership; mental or physical health; genetic data; biometric data used to identify a single individual (including photos used for identification); life or sexual orientation; (actual or alleged) litigation for any offense.

Romania also enforces specific rules for the processing of unique national identifiers (personal numerical code).

For clarity, “special categories of data” were known in the past as, and are sometimes referred to as, “sensitive personal data.”

What is processing?

“Processing” has an expansive meaning and includes almost any activity involving, in any way, personal data; including obtaining, viewing, recording, storing and disclosing such data.

What is a targeted person?

For the purpose of this Policy, a “targeted person” is a living person about whom VeSmart processes personal data. All persons concerned have rights to their personal data.

What is consent?

“Consent” concerns any free, specific, informed and explicit indication of a person’s agreement to the processing of his/her personal data. This can be provided by a statement given by the subject, or a check-box or opt-in solution.

Actions or behaviors cannot imply consent.

You can read more about the consent of data subjects in section 9.

VESMART.EU collects personal data on its Site pages only with the voluntary consent of the Member or Client for the following purposes:

  • Validating, shipping and billing orders;
  • Resolving cancellations or problems of any kind, relating to an order or contract concerning the services or products purchased by the Member or Client;
  • Ensuring ongoing access to the service;
  • Sending newsletters by electronic means (e-mail, SMS) and/or by phone call;
  • Contacting Clients/Members at his/her voluntary request;
  • Contacting Clients/Members in matters of Customer Relations.

By creating an Account, each Member/Client has expressed their consent to VESMART.EU collecting and processing their personal data subject to, and in compliance with, the provisions of Law 679/2016.

Any Member or Client is entitled to obtain from VESMART.EU a written, signed and dated request, free of charge, relating to the following:

  1. Confirming whether the data concerning them is processed or not;
  2. Correcting, updating, blocking or deleting data that does not comply with the law; in particular, incomplete or inaccurate data;
  3. As appropriate, the transformation into anonymous data, the data of those whose processing does not comply with the local law;
  4. Notifying third-parties to whom data may have been disclosed of any operation performed pursuant to subparagraph b) or c) if such notification is not impossible; or does not involve a disproportionate effort in relation to the legitimate interest of those who might be harmed.

By virtue of voluntary registration on the VESMART.EU website or by accessing (ordering) VESMART.EU products/services, the Member or Customer agrees with (consents to) the processing of personal data by VESMART.EU in its own system, both manually and automatically, for the purposes set out in point 6.1, in accordance with Article 5, paragraph 1 of Law no. 677/2001 regarding the protection and processing of personal data.

If the Member or Customer disagrees with the processing of their personal data by VESMART.EU, s/he has the right not to use the website and not to provide VESMART.EU with personal data.