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When looking to follow a healthy diet, it’s vital that one follows a well-defined nutritional timetable. Too keep truly healthy, many people also require real supplementation – this being one of the reasons why Dr. Naim chose to create VeSmart. For a comprehensive nutritional plan – that integrates healthy food with high potency supplements – keeping to a proper nutrition schedule and timing of supplements is a must so that the body can make the most of the great nutrients it receives.

Below you can see when exactly must each VeSmart Supplement be taken so that it serves best the body’s metabolism. Moreover, at the end of this post you can find and download the InfoGraphic containing this information.


First Thing After Waking Up

Just woke up and a new day is waiting for you to fill it with your energy?
This is the perfect moment to take in Iron.

  • Just use 10 ml of VeSmart Iron, preferably diluted in a glass of water.
  • Shake well the VeSmart Iron bottle before using.

Half an Hour before Breakfast

Preparing yourself for the day ahead?
Breakfast is 30 minutes away so it’s the perfect time to supply your body with Iodine.

  • Take 1 capsule of VeSmart Iodine with a glass of water.

Just before Eating Breakfast

Morning routine is almost over and now you can sit and have a quiet breakfast ahead of a new busy day.
Before you start, it’s time for Vitamin B12.

  • Just spray 7 times VeSmart B12 directly under the tongue.
  • Shake well the VeSmart B12 spray before using.

After Lunch

Lunch is over?
Before resuming your work, it’s time for L-Carnitine.

  • Take 1 stick pack of VeSmart Acetyl L-Carnitine, preferably diluted in a drink at room temperature.
  • Shake the stick pack and open with scissors for ease.

—> Good to know: you can take VeSmart Acetyl L-Carnitine anytime during the day.

After Dinner

Last meal of the day is over? One more thing though: it’s time for Omega 3.

  • Take 1 stick pack of Omega 3, preferably diluted in a drink at room temperature.
  • Shake the stick pack and open with scissors for ease.

—> Good to know: it’s also possible to take VeSmart Omega 3 after Lunch.



To Remember when considering the timing of supplements

It’s good to remember that – just like eating healthy– taking real, high potency supplements must be done in good timing. This being said, VeSmart products are designed around the three meals of the day and are simple to use.

You can download the InfoGraphic below for both your desktop and mobile by using the following links:

—> PDF: link.

—> PNG: link.

timing of supplements / a day with vesmart

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