VeSmart Food Supplement

What is VeSmart?

Backed by decades of scientific research, VeSmart brings you five essential supplements to boost your healthy lifestyle. Each premium quality, high potency food supplement is quickly absorbed for maximum impact and no side effects.

Smarter How?

Dr Jean Pierre Naim - Head of Scientific Board for VeSmart

While many people do their best to follow healthy diets, even the most diverse regimes need key nutrient supplements. Yet what you find on the market is poorly designed given your actual nutritional needs. For these reasons, I created VeSmart food supplements.
Having provided three decades of Orthomolecular and Integrative Medicine treatment to my patients in Switzerland, I’m now making my unique formulas available to anyone who wants the best for both their mental and physical health.
– Dr. Naim

Rooted in Medical Science

VeSmart forms part of Swiss Longevity Laboratories with our founder Dr. J. P. Naim as Head of the Scientific Board. He calls on three decades of Orthomolecular and Integrative Medicine to bring you a collection of superior food supplements developed as convenient, high-potency formulas your body finds easy to absorb.

Nutrients as Nature intended

Synthetic nutrients won’t support your cells the way nature will. We derive our ingredients from natural sources with their goodness kept intact. We work with GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice – approved suppliers in Italy to guarantee premium, ethically-minded products that have a minimal environmental impact.

Energising Food Supplements

Too many formulations provide a generic mix of vitamins and minerals, failing to deliver the energising boost people wanting healthy, balanced nutrition need. VeSmart strips nutrition back to its molecular core, identifying the five key nutrients your body struggles to absorb from food alone.


Swiss Formulas
by Dr Jean-Pierre Naim


Produced in GMP-approved
Facilities in Italy

VeSmart Food Supplement KIT

Following a Vegan or Vegetarian Diet? Need food supplements? Learn more about our
VeSmart Kit!

Following a Vegan or Vegetarian Diet?
Learn more about our
VeSmart Kit

VeSmart Food Supplement KIT

Maria Alexandru

“Ever since I started using VeSmart, I’ve felt livelier; my energy levels are up; all without the hassle of trying different supplements in the hope of striking a balance. A solution that covers all my needs – finally!”

Viorela Dragos

“My mind is clearer. I’m able to think from first thing in the morning ‘til the last thing at night. Plus, I don’t have to worry about actually buying the supplements – the subscription means I always have the exact ones I need.”